Joker Face Mask By Greg Capullo T-Shirt
Joker Face Mask By Greg Capullo T-Shirt- Close Up
Joker Face Mask By Greg Capullo T-Shirt- No Neck
Joker Face Mask By Greg Capullo T-ShirtJoker Face Mask By Greg Capullo T-Shirt- Close UpJoker Face Mask By Greg Capullo T-Shirt- No Neck

Joker Face Mask By Greg Capullo T-Shirt

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Get your crazy on with 100% cotton Joker Face Mask By Greg Capullo T-Shirt! We all know the Joker is crazy but did you realize that he is crazy enough to slice his face off...and then later decide that he still likes his face and simply clothespin it back on! That kind of makes Leatherface look like a pre-school teacher, doesn't it? Featuring artwork from Greg Capullo and based on one of the story arcs of 'The New 52', the Joker Face Mask By Greg Capullo T-Shirt will help you scare the bejesus out of people.

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  • Sku: tsjkrfcmsk
  • Color: Black
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Image

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Reviews of Joker Face Mask By Greg Capullo T-Shirt

submitted 3 years ago

colours are perfect, print is amazing...find it hard not to look down at shirt whilst walking down street. Also good for scaring children unexpectedly...BONUS!

Lincolnshire UK
submitted 3 years ago

As an avid fan of Batman this t-shirt was right up my street. Amazing quality beautiful print. Highly recommended if you are a Joker or Batman fan. Fat shipping as well (considering I live in the UK)

submitted 3 years ago

Good quality of the shirt, awesome design. creepy yet different yet extremely cool!

submitted 3 years ago

This T-shirt is just perfect ! I love it and my boyfriend too ! Thanks !

Anthony, Joker & 4r
submitted 4 years ago

I absolutely LOVE this T-shirt! I really love Capullo's art and the Joker...well Joker is Joker. This tee is a MUST OWN!!!!

AL - Gulf Coast
submitted 4 years ago

I have 4 nephews (ages: 13, 5, 4 & 3). Every Christmas I get them matching pjs to wear on Christmas Eve – a tradition that my parents had for my brother, sisters and me as children. Usually I go with the Christmas theme but this year, at ages 5, 4 & 3, the little ones are all into superheroes so I got them the 2 piece, fleece Batman, Superman & Spiderman pjs. I knew my 13 year old nephew would not be interested in the matching pjs this year so I got him this Joker tshirt. That way it was still a little cool & he could tease his little brother & cousins by being the bad guy. I was a little worried that the little guys would be scared of it, but all of them loved it...especially the teenager. ?

toronto ontario
submitted 4 years ago

love the shirt

The Bat
submitted 4 years ago

Really nice t shirt great material really dark and creepy looks really great in person

Vanessa, Comics Nerd
Montreal, QC
submitted 5 years ago

I bought this shirt for my boyfriend and it is just amazing in colours and graphics. If you're a Joker fan, this is the shirt to get. It is breathtaking! The fit is quite nice as well. One of the best purchases I've made off of this website (and I've ordered a ton).

submitted 5 years ago

Well I bought the shirt originally for my boyfriend, but the size medium was too big for him. I kept it and its wonderful, the shipping was timely and the shirt graphics are great. I have alot of people asking me where I got it from but I have to keep that to myself ;) its too awesome to share. I plan to try to buy a small when I can but this shirt is a great buy and there is nothing like it. Its erie and so very dark joker.