Joker The Killing Joke T-Shirt
Joker The Killing Joke T-Shirt-Close Up
Joker The Killing Joke T-Shirt
Joker The Killing Joke T-Shirt
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Joker The Killing Joke T-ShirtJoker The Killing Joke T-Shirt-Close UpJoker The Killing Joke T-ShirtJoker The Killing Joke T-ShirtSize Chart

Joker The Killing Joke T-Shirt

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Made from 100% Cotton, this black t-shirt features an image taken straight from the hit comic book mini-series, The Killing Joke, expertly drafted by uber-talented artist, Brian Bolland!  Written by Comic Book luminary, Alan Moore, the Killing Joke gave us an origin of the Joker that forced one to actually care about a humble, struggling comedian and the circumstances that carved his route towards becoming the painted monster we all know and...fear.  Well, we cared until he shot Babs in the spine and kidnapped Commissioner Gordon, forcing him to view photographs of the intimate moments Joker and Barbara Gordon... shared together.  Yeah, then we stopped caring and demanded a little deus ex machina in the form of freakin' Batman!  This Killing Joke t-shirt is for fans of Alan Moore, Joker, Batman...and taking a little time to truly understand the importance of a solid delivery.

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  • Sku: tsjokkillingjoke
  • Color: Black
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Image

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Reviews of Joker The Killing Joke T-Shirt

Stevenson Ranch, CA
submitted 8 months ago

I love how the joker is protrayed in this shirt! Pure insanity!

Villach, Austria
submitted 1 year ago

Super quality and very fast proceeding and shipping.

Villach, Austria
submitted 1 year ago

Super quality and very fast proceeding and shipping.

Chris D
Levittown, NY
submitted 1 year ago

came as advertised and it's cool

submitted 1 year ago

This came pretty quick and the shirt is in excellent condition.

David, AKA Robin
Atlanta, Georgia
submitted 2 years ago

I love this shirt because I just got the converse that have the same image. Perfect!

Mario Calviño
Panama, Panama
submitted 3 years ago

Great T-shirt, love it!

Wilmington, NC
submitted 3 years ago

Awesome shirt. Will be ordering from this site again real soon!

submitted 4 years ago

I bought this for my cousin, who's a huge joker fan. He really liked the gift, the fit was perfect and the image didn't fade after being in the washing machine. Great purchase!

Perth WA
submitted 4 years ago

Great print and great quality t-shirt material.

submitted 4 years ago

Why I chose this T-shirt? It's just the moment when you snap... It could happen anytime.

submitted 4 years ago

Awesome shirt! Great image of the Joker from The Killing Joke. Shirt is very well made and true to size. Love it!

Mark Garrity
submitted 4 years ago

my favorite shirt i own right now, i make a note to wear it at least once a week. everyone knows its the joker, so i get compliments there, but it also caters to those who have read "the killing joke" really get it and has actually sparked a few conversations with other people who read comics multiple times. would recommend if youve read this comic.

New York
submitted 4 years ago

You can't go wrong wearing anything from The Killing Joke. Absolutely awesome shirt!

New Albany, IN
submitted 5 years ago

I had this very same design on a shirt 20 years ago and wished to find another and thanks to Superherostuff.com; I did...and it's a better quality shirt and clearer image than the original 20 years ago! I love it!

Austin, TX
submitted 6 years ago

Really comfortable shirt and I love the design. Wearing an awesome pic from my favorite comic, just a good feeling