Marvel Printed Back Pack
Marvel Printed Back Pack- Back View
Marvel Printed Back PackMarvel Printed Back Pack- Back View

Marvel Printed Back Pack

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Sometimes you need a place to put your mighty God-sent hammer. Maybe you need somewhere to stash your indestructible shield. Or perhaps your web-shooters or black suit? Ah, I know! You need something for your claw-based sharpening stones or a fresh pair of pants because you always get angry and need a change of clothes. Thinking of all of these things it occurs to me that it must be terrible to be the Avengers' towel boy! He might be better off if he had the Marvel Printed Back Pack which features images of Wolverine, Thor, Captain America, Spider Man and the Hulk! Not entirely sure if you could fit all of those things in here, but it does contain one big compartment and one slightly smaller one in front...much like any standard issue backpack! Unlike other backpacks though this bad mama-jama contains one's daily nutritional value of Marvel. Unfortunately, the FDA has not yet established the proper guidelines for Marvel consumption, so it is best to use one's judgment.

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