Marvel Faces Glass Coaster Set
Spider-man Glass Coaster
Hulk Glass Coaster
Captain America Glass Coaster
Wolverine Glass Coaster
Marvel Faces Glass Coaster SetSpider-man Glass CoasterHulk Glass CoasterCaptain America Glass CoasterWolverine Glass Coaster

Marvel Retro Faces Glass Coaster Set

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Here's a set of four glass coasters, each measuring 4" x 4" and adorned with a classic, full color, highly recognizable, Marvel Comic Book Character cranium!  There's Captain America screaming (although inaudible) for his release from this particular glass coaster.  This tells us that Red Skull has taken possession of the Cosmic Cube.  Again.  There's the Hulk!  He's glad for your cold beverage!  There's Spiderman!  No, that's not condensation from the glass, those are his actual tears!  And there's Wolverine.  Again. This set of four coasters also comes with a plastic storage tray for...storage! 

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Reviews of Marvel Retro Faces Glass Coaster Set

Perth, AUS
submitted 5 years ago

The glass covering makes a scratchy ear piercing noise whenever you put glasses, bottles or mugs on it. Great design though and a very sturdy and well made product. Would be great for plastic cups!