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Women of Marvel Now Coffee Mug
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Women of Marvel Now Coffee Mug

$10.39 Reg.$12.99
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Our sturdy, ceramic 12oz Women of Marvel Coffee Mug features a selection of Marvel Comics' premier super-heroines, including (from L to R) Captain Universe, Silk, Rescue, Captain Marvel, Lady Thor and Spider Gwen!

Measuring 3.5" high, this Marvel coffee mug celebrates some of the best female superheroes Marvel comics has to offer. Wait, you're not sure who they are? Seriously? Fine, ROLL CALL!

Captain Universe: Tamara Devoux experienced amnesia after waking from a car accident-induced coma. During her coma-state, the infinitely powerful ENIGMA FORCE bonded with Tamara, granting her the power of, well, the universe.

: After Peter Parker received his legendary spider-bite, that irradiated little darling bit Cindy Moon in the ankle before it went to irradiated spider-heaven. The result? Yep, spider-powers.

Rescue: Tony Stark designed the Rescue armor for Pepper Potts because, well, he loves her.

Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers: Military officer accidentally imbued with psychedelic Kree super-science granting her extraordinary strength, flight, and crippling iridescence.

Lady Thor: Thor's on-again/off-again romance, Jane Foster, was deemed worthy by Thor's hammer. Thor? Apparently, he's no longer worthy.

Spider-Gwen: A Gwen Stacy from another Earth who received that famous spider-bite in lieu of Peter Parker, a jealous victim of bullying who eventually turned into The Lizard. Got it?

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submitted 1 year ago

The images are clear and colouring is great! Only downside is it isn't microwave or dishwasher safe.