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Mighty Mouse ain't exactly a push over. He may have started off as a parody of Superman, but he has evolved into a completely different creature all together. Kinda like Jurassic Park and frog DNA....life always finds a way! Mighty Mouse also has an uncharacteristic penchant for violence. You probably barely remember anything about that show but I'm sure some scenes stick out in your mind. Notably Mighty Mouse flying up to a current foe and just blasting away on their chin, or Mighty Mouse rolling up an enemy and launching them into distance. Pretty violent, and people say video games caused all of this aggression nowadays! Respect the Mighty Mouse as you would for Superman! One thing that Mighty Mouse is not known for is his ability to keep you warm. I bet you have a perplexed look on your face right now....worry not, because this Mighty Mouse Thermal Long Sleeve T-Shirt is 60% cotton and 40% polyester for maximum cold resistance! It is warm like a mouse inside a cheese wheel.

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  • Color:Grey-Light
  • Sleeve Type:Long sleeve/Raglan
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