Avengers Scarlet Witch Loungefly Faux Leather Handbag


Avengers Scarlet Witch Loungefly Faux Leather Handbag


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A handbag that demands attention (and commands reality).

In Marvel comics, the Scarlet Witch is an Omega-level Mutant capable of manipulating reality with soft utterances of "magical" commands.

With a single sentence -- specifically, "I want a quality designer handbag that looks just like my costume" -- Wanda Maximoff created the Avengers Scarlet Witch Loungefly Faux Leather Handbag.

Born of reality-altering conjuring -- specifically, matter manipulation -- this Scarlet Witch handbag for women features comic-accurate accents and clever headpiece homages.

Let's break it down:

The exterior!

  • Textured, faux-leather exterior featuring stitched, quilted accents conveying comic-accurate costumery!

  • A stitched, elevated homage to Wanda's pointy headpiece.

  • A smaller, golden, and metallic button sporting an engraved headpiece.

  • Carefully stitched handles with golden, metallic hinges.

  • A long, removable, and adjustable shoulder strap.

  • A zip-up zipper rendered in golden, reflective metal.

A massive interior!

  • A black inner lining slathered with recurring "MARVEL" logos.

  • Open and zip-up pockets built into the lining.

More awesome details regarding your new Scarlet Witch purse!

  • A faux-leather material mimicking Wanda's witch-like one-piece.
  • Measures 13" across, 10" high, 6" deep.

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