Shazam Symbol 39Thirty Cap
Shazam Symbol 39Thirty Cap-Close Up
Shazam Symbol 39Thirty Cap-Front View
Shazam Symbol 39Thirty Cap-Side View
Shazam Symbol 39Thirty Cap-Side View
Shazam Symbol 39Thirty Cap-Top View
Shazam Symbol 39Thirty Cap-Back View
Shazam Symbol 39Thirty Cap
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Shazam Symbol 39Thirty CapShazam Symbol 39Thirty Cap-Close UpShazam Symbol 39Thirty Cap-Front ViewShazam Symbol 39Thirty Cap-Side ViewShazam Symbol 39Thirty Cap-Side ViewShazam Symbol 39Thirty Cap-Top ViewShazam Symbol 39Thirty Cap-Back ViewShazam Symbol 39Thirty CapSize Chart

Shazam Symbol 39Thirty Fitted Hat

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With a word, you become the world’s mightiest mortal.

No longer a lonely, disenfranchised orphan, you crackle with the powers of six Greek-based deities and use this power for good. Well, for good, and for the soda you pilfered after zapping vending machines with magic lightning.

How to properly celebrate your ability to transform into a flying, mostly helpful and occasionally mischievous adult with the strength to bench-press an aircraft carrier? Why, with our EXCLUSIVE Shazam Symbol 39Thirty Fitted Hat!

Made from 100% polyester, this fitted red cap from New Era features a raised and embroidered, very bold and yellow SHAZAM symbol outlined in black and yellow threading.

Our Shazam hat is layered with a special performance fabric called "Diamond Era.” The name comes from a recurring pattern of diamond-shaped stitching crisscrossing the entire hat, simulating that hard-fiber mesh used in the construction of contemporary superhero costumes!

Anything on the back? Of course! Upon the hat’s scarlet back resides the classic SHAZAM logo filled in yellow embroidery and outlined in black.

What about under the bill? It’s yellow! They colored the underside yellow!

What about the sticker? Why, it's right there, on top of the curved bill.

And, all the usual, incomparable New Era features. It has all the dependable characteristics of a high quality New Era Hat:

• The New Era logo resting on the hat's right side!
• The stitched taping crisscrossing the hat's interior!
• The official New Era tag, also inside the hat!
• 39Thirty hats are fitted hats available in Small/Medium, Medium/Large, and Large/XLarge.

More Details

  • Sku: capshazsym39thirty
  • Color: Red
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Exclusive
  • Hat Attributes: Fitted, Symbol/Logo, Stretch Fit , Rounded Bill, New Era 3930

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Reviews of Shazam Symbol 39Thirty Fitted Hat

Jason Todd
submitted 3 months ago

I have ordered many hats from SHS. And love them. Always great quality and great customer service.

Kevin, Wondering why Billy Batson is always doing Gomer Pyle impressions
Rainelle, WV
submitted 3 months ago

Great fit and look. Hope to see an armored 59Fifty before the movie comes to theaters

Mexico City
submitted 9 months ago

It is a great cap but due to customs in my country I have not received it yet

Daniel Clarke
Hanover, ON
submitted 10 months ago

Great quality, size just right, 10/10 would buy again

submitted 1 year ago

This is an awsome hat and will buy again....great quality and a hit with people who bevet see this .

David D.
Enumclaw, WA
submitted 1 year ago

The photos don't really do the quality justice. It's a very nice hat.

Miles City Montana
submitted 1 year ago

Love it!

Chase, Superhero in Training
Austin, TX
submitted 1 year ago

Love the design, but the fit of the hat was different than the others I've ordered.

Crofton, MD
submitted 1 year ago

The hat was free and was a welcomed surprise to choose from. Love it!

David C.
Monterey Bay California
submitted 1 year ago

Love the "Shazam" logo on the back. Would prefer the original style lightining bolt though,

christian, superhero.com fan and wanter of all things Captain Marvel
Philadelphia, PA
submitted 1 year ago

Comfortable and cool. Worth checking out. I've had a few people tell me they liked it. Check it out!

Djatun, DC Fanboy
Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia
submitted 1 year ago

I've been waiting for this hat for quite a long time, and it was worth all the waiting. Love it!!

submitted 1 year ago

Only place I could find a hat like this.

portsmouth, OH
submitted 2 years ago

love this hat

Evanston IL.
submitted 4 years ago

I like this hat the quality and style are just great. I want to thank SuperHeroStuff for the hat and the service, 5/5 stars.

Kevin Shazam Reed
Hawthorne, Ca
submitted 4 years ago

You finally got a great shazam cap you guys! Thanks.