Spider-Gwen 3 Pack Earring Set
Spider-Gwen 3 Pack Earring Set-Gem Stud
Spider-Gwen 3 Pack Earring Set-Spider
Spider-Gwen 3 Pack Earring Set-Web
Spider-Gwen 3 Pack Earring SetSpider-Gwen 3 Pack Earring Set-Gem StudSpider-Gwen 3 Pack Earring Set-SpiderSpider-Gwen 3 Pack Earring Set-Web

Spider-Gwen 3 Pack Earring Set

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Aesthetically speaking, Spider-Man is boring. 

There, I said it -- but I'm only saying what you're already thinking. Spider-Gwen, however, is an aesthetic breath of fresh air with her pristine whites, her strobing sky-blues, and her powerful, rich pinks.

When it comes to fashionable ear-wear, you want exciting but not overbearing, eye-catching but not distracting. Spider-Man earrings? Bland and overstated. Our Spider-Gwen 3 Pack Earring Set? This is properly colored spider-wear x 3 (x 6 if you're counting them individually)!!

Pair #1: Glittering sky-blue stones!!
Pair #2:
 Metallic pink spiders measuring 0.5" from spider-head to spider-tail.
Pair #3: Metal spider-webs measuring 2" across, featuring inset blue and pink rhinestones.

(Note: Each Spider-Gwen earring features soft plastic backings.)

Wait a gosh darn millisecond, 'Mr. Writer Guy.' Just who in the H-E-double-hockey-sticks is this 'Gwen Stacey' gal?

Firstly, there's a Multiverse. Look it up. A Gwen Stacey hailing from Earth-65 received that famous spider-bite in lieu of Peter Parker, a victim of incessant bullying who eventually turned into The Lizard. Got it?

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  • Color: Pink
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Reviews of Spider-Gwen 3 Pack Earring Set

Kara Zor-El
Montreal, Canada
submitted 1 year ago

Nice earrings, would be nicer made with stainless steel tho !