Spider-Gwen Swing Heat Changing Mug

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Onlooker #1: Look out, it's Spider-Gwen!
Onlooker #2: What? Where?? I don't see her! Should I duck? Are we in danger...??
Onlooker #1: There she is! Right there!
Onlooker #2: Where!?!? I'm looking up but I don't see her swinging...
Onlooker #1: NO! Look down! She's right there on the Spider-Gwen Swing Heat Changing Mug!
Severely annoyed onlooker #2: JERK!

Made from 100% durable ceramic, this black mug features a gorgeous illustration of Spider-Gwen -- aka Gwen Stacey from Earth-65 -- as she lances her undefined surroundings with webbing and swings about the currently invisible landscape.

Wait a second. "Currently?"

Measuring 3.75" high, this 8oz mug holds a secret super-power granted by warm liquid and NOT irradiated, dangerously experimented upon spiders: just add the aforementioned warm liquid, or a hot beverage of your choice, and this Spider Gwen mug changes color!

Yep, the formerly black invisible landscape is now fully pink, filled with a light blue web and Spider-Gwen's logo set directly beneath her swinging spider-feet.

Wait. Who -- THE HELL -- is "Spider-Gwen??" On the quick:

A Gwen Stacy from another Earth who received that famous spider-bite in lieu of Peter Parker, a jealous victim of bullying who eventually turned into The Lizard. Got it?

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