$19.99 Reg.$24.99
Star Wars New Hope Car Sunshade
Star Wars New Hope Car Sunshade - Close Up
Star Wars New Hope Car Sunshade - Close Up
Star Wars New Hope Car SunshadeStar Wars New Hope Car Sunshade - Close UpStar Wars New Hope Car Sunshade - Close Up

Star Wars New Hope Car Sunshade

$19.99 Reg.$24.99
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You know how you protect your car / truck / van from Imperial Fighters? The almost universal 58 inch by 27.5 inch Star Wars New Hope Car Sunshade! Yeah! Now your automobile will appear to have Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Obi-Wan Kenobi in it while you aren't in there. Pretty sweet, right? It'll also keep your vehicle from getting super warm while showing off your love of Star Wars. I just wouldn't keep chasing that TIE Fighter headed towards that Moon...wait...that's no Moon!

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  • Sku: sunshdstrwrsnwhp
  • Color: Grey-Light
  • Licensor: Star Wars

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Reviews of Star Wars New Hope Car Sunshade

submitted 11 months ago

works great

Venice, Italy
submitted 3 years ago

A little bit large for my car, but wonderful!!!!

jesus mar angel
mexico d.f.
submitted 4 years ago

excellent item, very good seller thank you

New Zealand
submitted 4 years ago

Made a perfect gift for my Star Wars fan at home. So much better than a mug or t-shirt which is usually all we get to choose from. Perfect fit on the car and made the international trip without any damage.

Robyn Love Star Wars
submitted 4 years ago

It fits my Honda Cross Tour perfectly. Love seeing other people happy when they see it.

The E man
Los Angeles, CA
submitted 5 years ago

I loved this product as soon as I took it out of the package. The size fits perfect and it really gives the impression that Han is taking your baby for a ride. Great Product !!

Phoenix, AZ
submitted 5 years ago

Great! Works great! Looks even better!!

Curitiba, Brasil
submitted 5 years ago

Great product... it arived perfetly and it was even nicer than I expected. Great purchase! ^^

Honolulu, HI
submitted 5 years ago

I have been waiting to get this sunshade ever since it came out @ the Star Wars website store. Yes It TOTALLY ROCKS!

Green Bay, WI
submitted 5 years ago

Love the product. It was worth the wait. Excellent customer service

Adelaide,South Australia
submitted 5 years ago

love it!!! fits the mitsubishi triton beautifully and is the envy of all my star wars friends!!!

submitted 5 years ago

Omgosh! It is so realistic. Love it.

S. Carter
Fort Stewart, Ga
submitted 5 years ago

Friends love it, and it fits perfect. The only thing bad about it is that it doesn't have a way to keep in up other than turning down the visors. However it does the job an fits well.

Colorado springs,co
submitted 5 years ago

I love it! The sunshade looks great, and is a really fun addition to my car. It is slightly large on my window, but I knew that when I purchased the sunshade. I just fold a little bit over on one side.

Newport News, VA
submitted 5 years ago

This things so cool, it's like my car is transformed into the fastest cargo shop in the galaxy. My cars pretty small though, so the shade won't lay completely flat against my windshield. No big deal though! I still love this thing, it looks nerdy as hell and now I don't feel like I'm landing on Tattoone every time I get into my car.

submitted 5 years ago

I totally love my sunshade! You guys had very fast shipping and it got here a day or 2 before I thought I'd get this! I gave it 5 stars because it looks amazing, but it is rather stiff. I am hoping it becomes a bit flimsier as time goes on. Even my husband smiled when he saw it in the car! I am VERY excited to have this! I do recommend this!

submitted 5 years ago

The sunshade is awesome!!!!! However its too big for my toyota tacoma. Chewie gets left out allo

Vacaville, CA
submitted 5 years ago

I remember seeing this on the Star Wars shop, but held off on buying it - then ended up regretting that, because then it was removed and I couldn't find it anywhere. Imagine my excitement to see it on here! It was going to be a Christmas gift for my boyfriend, but I ended up giving it to him early. He absolutely loves it!

Mason Neck, VA
submitted 5 years ago

Fantastic! It's funny to watch reactions of fellow parking lot users and obvious Star Wars fans. I've seen many fingers pointing and gleeful expressions as my SUV hybrid windshield proudly displays it's glorious favorite perfectly fitted accessory.

Medicine hat, ab
submitted 5 years ago

It looks great but is made of flimsy material and is hard to keep on the windshield

Superherostuff.com response:

Sorry you to hear you were disappointed but thanks for the feedback.

ObiWan Fan
Indianapolis, IN
submitted 5 years ago

Good price. Wish it was not accordion folded. It doesn't flatten out very well. But it makes me happy after work when I see these guys "sitting" in my car!

Mount Ida, Arkansas
submitted 5 years ago

Obviously works, but has a strong chemical odor when I first get in the car after hot days. The color has faded to a light purplish. But I hope there are more of these in the future for other Heroes and Villains. Just hope the quality and materials improves.

Salt Lake City
submitted 5 years ago

Awesome, just awesome.

Pottstown, PA
submitted 5 years ago

I love the reaction I get from people at the office when they see my car in the parking lot. It's awesome!

submitted 5 years ago

I was so excited to order this after they sold out. It looked great when it arrived but it has not really been worth the price since using it. It has been approx 3 weeks of using it and it has already started to fade. The shade material has also started to become brittle and stiff. It surely is not worth the $26 I paid for it.

Superherostuff.com response:

Sorry to hear that, mine has held up great, you may have gotten a bad one. Please contact our customer service department and we will gladly help you with this.

Olympia, WA
submitted 5 years ago

I love the comments I get from random people. It looks very realistic and adds another degree of superhero awesome to my car.

Denver, CO
submitted 5 years ago

This sunshade is awesome, love walking out to my car after work and seeing this keeping my car cool in more ways than one!!!