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Supergirl Caped Soft Lunch Box


Supergirl Caped Soft Lunch Box


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Because Supergirl will never accept cold soup.

Supergirl leads a very, VERY busy life. She can be away for hours -- or days -- as she saves lives, or writes assertive editorials.

When she finally takes a break for lunch, she DEMANDS her food retain the correct temperature for maximum eating pleasure. 

Thankfully, Superman gifted her the Supergirl Caped Soft Lunch Box, ensuring her cold tea remains cold, and her hot vegan wrap remains hot.

Made from a combination of polyester and polyethylene foam, this soft Supergirl lunch container for kids features the hero's bold, pink symbol layered in a sparkling glitter print.

What else makes this lunch kit especially super?

  • A PINK CAPE! Cool, right?
  • Closed cell, polyethylene foam insulation! 
  • Two insulated pockets -- an upper chamber, and another along the base.
  • The base mimics Supergirl's super-belt!
  • A handy black handle!
  • Measures 8" high, 7" across, and 5" deep.
  • It's 100% PVC free with PEVA lining.

How do you maintain its advanced Kryptonian lunch-holding technology??

  • For best results, wipe interior and exterior with damp sponge and mild soap after each use. 

  • For drying, use soft towel or air dry.

  • For additional information regarding care and use, please see the included care and use guide.

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