Teen Titans Go! Juvenile Pajama Set

$17.99 Reg.$22.99


Teen Titans Go! Juvenile Pajama Set

$17.99 Reg.$22.99


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You need to sleep, but they don't.

Yes, you're a silly little human who needs 6-8 hours of quality sleep in order to play video games or make chocolate waffles to the best of your ability.

The Teen Titans, however, don't need to relax AT ALL -- they have an overstuffed schedule including unhealthy sponge cake binging, fishing with rubber bands, and screaming at each other endlessly until someone finally pulls the spatula from Cyborg's good eye. Don't ask.

So, if you're looking for a good night's sleep filled with zero screaming, pummeling, blasting and 'Booya-ing', I recommend COMPLETELY OVERLOOKING our Teen Titans Go! Juvenile Pajama Set.

Seriously. Pick something else.

Made from 100% polyester, these Teen Titan GO! pajamas for kids feature the loud, screaming, and easily agitated Titans team currently crank-calling the Cartoon Network. Let's break it down:

The t-shirt! This soft Teen Titans t-shirt features Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy running excitedly against a black and white, accident-filled background.

The pants! Soft, light-blue Teen Titans GO! pajama pants with floating (and probably loud) Titans craniums, and a stretchy elastic waistband that is -- thankfully -- very, very quiet.

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