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Do you have an evil streak? Do you yearn to bring the universe under your whim, to answer your beck and call? Do you often flush the toilet while loved ones are in the shower, or tie their shoelaces together while they aren't paying attention, or slightly unscrew the salt shaker? Then you are in luck because we now have the Villains HeroBox from SuperheroStuff! Hopefully you really aren't evil and you just appreciate the Dark Side of things...or if you really are evil, please don't hurt us! You'll love the stuff you'll find in the SuperHeroStuff Villains HeroBox!

There are so many villains that we just love to hate...or is it hate to love? Sometimes we have conflicted emotions about these characters but our curiosity and their relative 'coolness' keep us coming back for more. Just think about a character like the Joker from DC Comics! We aren't even sure of his backstory at this point and when it is brought up, it is often considered multiple choice! Sometimes he's a crazy Clown Prince of Crime while other times he might be a psychopathic hobo with access to explosives. That's probably what would have happened to Rutger Hauer in that one movie anyways. Any-who, we also have characters like Loki...who everybody just happens to love! Sure he'll be instrumental in the destruction of the world but hey...just look at that smile and fantastic hair! Awwww. Then of course there is always the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader as well...and who here hasn't secretly craved the power of the Dark Side? Actually, that's probably a good thing we don't have that kind of power. We'd all be fighting each other to lord of the galaxy! Probably why they instrumented the 'Rule of Two' come to think of it.

Say, you look like the kind of person who knows a thing or two about the darkness in all of our hearts. Don't worry – that's a good thing! That just means that you'll have the perfect means to sate your power...and that is the SuperheroStuff Villains Box! Available in two different types, the Villains Box pays homage to all things evil, misunderstood, or down-right crazy. You could just get the normal box if your fearful soul doesn't crave ultimate power...or you could tear at the fabric of life with the ultimate Villains Box! Well, I'm not quite sure you can do all that but you'll at least get a t-shirt and then tons of other goodies that constitute a fantastic mystery gift box with just a slight hint of evil. You could get a POP Fun Funko figure, or buttons, magnets, beanies, lanyards, stickers, ice cube trays, hackey sacks, travel mugs, flags, get out of free jail cards, or slow creeping insanity! Do you hear the call of the SuperheroStuff HeroBox?

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Lucas Jason
New York, NY

amazing box with lots of cool stuff. some characters are better than others and its a bit pricey

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
Guatemala, Guatemala

The box included a lot of cool stuff. I was really surprised with the box content. It had 1 of everything. I really recommend this box


Could have been better.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
Lexis, Harley Q
Auckland, NZ

Was great. had a good range of villains and some awesome products inside. Have made use of all of them already

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
Columbus, ohio

I was really happy to see a lot of original Harley and joker stuff.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

The box was cheap. I ordered a villain box. Could've at least made the box black and scary. Took over a month get the product. Should've let me pick the items. I didn't even get some of the things I saw in the pictures. And the stuff was cheap quality. Only good thing was the t-shirt.

Alberto Uchiha
Alma michigan

It was good couldve included a couple more items

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.