Wolverine Savage Land Rampage Men's T-Shirt
Wolverine Foliage Rampage Men's T-Shirt-Close Up
Wolverine Foliage Rampage Men's T-Shirt
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Wolverine Savage Land Rampage Men's T-ShirtWolverine Foliage Rampage Men's T-Shirt-Close UpWolverine Foliage Rampage Men's T-ShirtSize ChartArtwork Inspiration

Wolverine Savage Land Rampage Men's T-Shirt

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Our black, 100% cotton Wolverine Savage Land Rampage Men's T-Shirt features a striking image of Wolverine traversing the murderous veldt of the Savage Land, an island inhabited by deadly creatures that should be extinct. Right, like dinosaurs or psychic pterodactyls. 

Rendered by artist David Finch, this Wolverine t-shirt features the cover to New Avengers Vol. 1 #5 in which our favorite, diminutive berserker meets the Avengers to 'suss out' the mastermind behind a recent breakout at The Raft, an underwater super-prison built specifically for "enhanced" villains.

Yep, it's Wolverine entrenched in the Savage Land. Curious? KEEP READING!

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This Wolverine t-shirt features the cover image to New Avengers #5, rendered by artist David Finch.

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler: David Finch
Inker: Danny Miki
Colorist: Frank D'Armata


In New Avengers #5, entitled "Breakout: Part 5," the newer Avengers arrive (via crash-landing) at the Savage Land, the possible headquarters of parties responsible for initiating a successful breakout at The Raft. 

Oh, look! Wolverine's already there! It seems he was contacted by a former villain who was approached by indigenous Savage Land mutates looking to break Karl Lykos out of the submerged super-prison.

Who's Karl Lykos? Well, you probably know him as Sauron, the previous mentioned psychic pterodactyl.

Anyway, the Avengers and Wolverine compare notes. Mutates attack. Chaos ensues.

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  • Sku: tswolvfolramp
  • Color: Black
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: Image

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Reviews of Wolverine Savage Land Rampage Men's T-Shirt

submitted 10 months ago

Awesome shirt

Danbury, Conn.
submitted 1 year ago

I am a huge Wolverine fan and collect a lot of his items.

michael charlton
Halifax Nova Scotia canada
submitted 1 year ago

a great selection, with great prices. I am glad I found this store.

Stanley Richardson
Rocky Mount, NC
submitted 1 year ago

I love this shirt it is 1 of a kind