Wonder Woman Chrome Symbol Car Emblem

Wonder Woman Chrome Symbol Car Emblem

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At 2 inches high and 4 inches wide, this Wonder Woman Chrome Symbol Car Adhesive might render your car invisible. Wait, that only works on planes! Silly me. If, on the random chance you really do have a plane, then I think this only works on planes from Paradise Island! Had to cover all of my bases here, not entirely sure if any of you people are going to try to call me out on half of the random things I write down. This adhesive is made of REAL chrome and is easily applied to any car! Wonder Womannnnnn! (sung like that song!)

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  • Sku: emblmwwchrome
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Wonder Woman Chrome Symbol Car Emblem

Sydney, AU
submitted 2 years ago

Haven't stuck it on my car yet, but I love it. It's not a cheap sticker and matches the other chrome badges on a car. Not too big either. Fits well.

Ottawa, Ontario
submitted 2 years ago

I think it looks and feels awesome

Wonder Woman Ree
Oakland, Ca
submitted 4 years ago


Sydney AUS
submitted 4 years ago

Glue was so strong it's still on the car I sold :) Definitely will stand up to the elements. Ordering another for my second car. Was asked several times if my Merc was a 'Special Edition' lol ;P Looking forward to getting the next one.

submitted 4 years ago

I have this on the back of my VW Beetle convertible. It's large enough to be noticed, but not so big it's obnoxious. It's well made and goes on - and stays on - cleanly. You'll love the attention you get with it!

wonder women for a cure
Detroit, Mi
submitted 6 years ago

I really love this emblem. I am always getting complements on it, I have an all black vehicle with Chrome accessories & it looks just as good as the factory add ons..... I've had people ask was this a special addition vehicle because the symbol looks so natural on my car. It's perfect, I love it!