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"One Size Fits Most"

Transformers...beanies in dis-guise! Wait. That's not how it went. The only thing that tells me that is that the violent malcontent Megatron would never sit on somebody's head like what is going on with this Megatron Face Pom Pom Beanie. That makes sense...right? Any-who, the 100% acrylic Megatron Face Pom Pom Beanie features an imprint of Megatron's scary head, a dark grey lining, a purple Decepticon icon, and a dark grey pom pom on top! That's actually what happened to all of the Energon on Cyberton...it was turned into pom poms for beanies. That sure helps to make sense of the show, doesn't it?

More Details:

  • - Color: Grey-Light
  • - Licensor: Transformers
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