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DC Originals Sublimated Characters T-Shirt

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5.0The wrong and the good side04/15/2014

It arrived home today and MADE MY DAY!!It looks fantastic on the web but worn it´s even far better off,believe me!!I would say it´s one of my favorites but I will be totally honest with you all,IT´S MY FAVORITE ONE!!I love it with the works,the fabric,the imagery…. Which side will you be on?The wrong or the good side or are you incapable to know right from wrong? If such the case scenario takes place I would be a bit of both,don´t you see eye to eye?Here´s a good example of it in case you had not noticed,villainy or do-goody will be up to you this time BUT DECIDE WISELY OR EVERYBODY WILL GO AFTER YOU TO TALK YOU INTO YOU WHAT´S REQUIRED FOR EACH CONTEXT.

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
5.0The whole band put together04/09/2014

Oh my gosh!!The whole band put back together and this time not only the so well known do-gooders portrayed but most significative DC´S villains as well. When I took a glimpse at it I my head turned the 180 º all the way around and my mind was a blur,I nearly blacked out but all of the sudden I regained consciousness thanks to the lasso of the truth,the power of Superman pumping thru my veins gave me the necessary strength to stand up and Batman´s bat remote control made the essentials to clear things up…….hold on a moment!!Am I absorbing any superpowers?I hope I am not delusional but being the parasite is way too much for me!!Superheroes won´t have a chance to defeat me this time,villains fall in line and follow my command at once!! which side will you be on?Problem is when you do not know what makes the difference after all. I HAVE ALREADY TAKEN MY PLUNGE,THE GOOD AND THE BAD SIDE EFFECT,PERHAPS?

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.