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The Flash is DC Comics' Fastest Man Alive. What exactly does that mean? What can he do? Does he just really run fast? Is there only one of them running around? Does he enjoy the red and yellow color scheme? Does he get pulled over for speeding a lot? What happens if you hit your flux capacitor at 88 MPH? These questions can only be answered by the Scarlet Speedster...well, at least one of them would be my guess!

There have been many different people to earn the title of the Flash. The first was Jay Garrick who was created in 1940. He was then follow by Barry Allen in 1956, Wally West in 1986, and Bart Allen in 2006. One of the more interesting aspects of the Flash character is their utilization of the 'Speed Force'. They all inherited their powers from scientific accidents and were granted the ability to move insanely fast with corresponding relaxes. With further practice and experience, the Flashes would learn how to vibrate through dimensions, travel through time, and even create illusory images!

It was through this dimensional vibration that the Flash(es) introduced the concept of a multiverse and how there could be multiple versions of the same character. This decision had a huge impact on the comic book world – we now get crossovers all of the time! You get to specifically thank Jay Garrick and Barry Allen for that one. Another interesting aspect of the Flash are their unusually colorful assembly of villains known as 'The Rogues'. Up there with Batman's baddies in terms of personality, the Rogues follow their own set of rules and conduct! Who doesn't love Captain Boomerang, Trickster, Pied Piper, The Top, Mirror Master, and Heatwave? I didn't mention the Reverse-Flash or Zoom with the Rogues though because he can be somewhat erratic!

The Flash(es) is quite the popular character with all sorts of color and personality. It is for that reason that we decided to hand-pick the totally rocking Flash HeroBox! The Flash HeroBox is available in two different tiers of goodness. Do you want the normal box or do you want the ultimate Flash gift box? You'll get all sorts of random awesome but it will all be related to the Fastest Man Alive. What might you get in the Flash HeroBox? You'll get at least a t-shirt but after that it is anybody's guess! You could get buttons, a POP Fun Funko figure, magnets, stickers, ice cube trays, hackie sacks, beanies, pint glasses, lanyards, keychains, Heavy Water formulas, anti-life equations, or anything else we can find related to the Scarlet Speedster!

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