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Our Flash Face and Symbol Mug carries the face of DC Comics' superstar The Flash on one side and his iconic white-and-yellow symbol (all on a red background, naturally) on the other. Barry's looking uncharacteristically cheesed-off of here, like he thinks Gorilla Grodd or Captain Cold is about to pick up this mug and carry it away. But that's not the case at all, this new Flash mug can be YOUR new Flash Mug. All you have to do is click that 'add to cart' button up there and love and care for your new Flash Mug according to the manufacturer's guidelines, i.e. hand wash ONLY, do not microwave it and keep it out of the grubby paws of those under 12! And console poor Barry every once in a while about his mom. It couldn't be helped, Speedster!

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Reviews of Flash Face Mug

Walace Rudolph West
submitted 5 years ago

Reasonable Quality. not amazing couple scratches ..... Do NOT overuse

Pleasanton, CA
submitted 5 years ago

This cup is of horrible quality. Apparently the outer glaze cannot be washed in a dishwasher. I believe there is a warning about it on the bottom of the mug but unfortunately, I didn't see it before I jammed it into the washer after the first time I used it. Approximately a quarter of the paint chipped off the mug during the first wash. I have never seen a mug of such low quality. Putting a warning on it does not make this poor quality acceptable. I have purchased other tumblers and mugs from this website and none of them have this problem. Very disappointed!