Flash Running Patch

Flash Running Patch

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DC Comics Scarlet Speedster, also known as the Flash, really likes to work on his cardio. This involves watching intense scenes in Pee-Wee Herman's Big Adventure with the sub woofer turned way up, and drinking entirely too much coffee. What, you think he runs to get his cardio up? I haven't the foggiest where you would get such an absurd idea. Maybe we should ask the 4.5 inch tall Flash Running Patch what he thinks?

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Reviews of Flash Running Patch

Dolly, the Wonder Woman
North Carolina
submitted 5 years ago

Our son is a high school sprinter and soccer player, and runs like the wind. We've been collecting superhero stuff for two decades (Superman and Wonder Woman, and occasionally Green Lantern), but with this outrageously fast child we have, we've been desperately searching for The Flash for about seven years. Too bad most of it is tied up with The BigBang Theory. That's one of our favorite shows, but we prefer to keep our superheroes genuine and original. This patch is cute! It's wonderfully embroidered, heavy and colorful. Very befitting of The Flash.