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The Flash Good Vs Evil Socks 2-Pack


The Flash Good Vs Evil Socks 2-Pack


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One is good, the other is....good reversed?

Our Flash Good Vs Evil Socks 2-Pack is actually a poorly conceived idea, considering these Flash-centric socks are consistently barraging each other with violent, deafening frequencies and counter-frequencies.

Thankfully, the conflict subsides when one pair spins in the dryer, and the other considers continuity-carving plots in the comfort of your sock drawer.

Made from soft and stretchy polyester and spandex, these Flash socks feature sock-length images of a congenial Flash, and the comic-accurate costume accents of....an uncongenial Flash.

Pair #1! Solid red Flash socks for men and women featuring friendly Flashes and subtle Flash bolt symbols.

Pair #2! Yellow Reverse Flash socks simulating the villain's inverted Flash costume with black and red symbols and striking red bolts.

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