Flash Distressed Washed Symbol T-Shirt

Flash Distressed Washed Symbol T-Shirt
Flash Distressed Washed Symbol T-Shirt- Close Up
Flash Distressed Washed Symbol T-ShirtFlash Distressed Washed Symbol T-Shirt- Close Up

Flash Distressed Washed Symbol T-Shirt

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The Speed Force creates a lot of wear and tear. Something about the laws of physics...which I would attempt to explain except I'm a liberal arts major and I would require some crayons to do so. Anyways, when we started designing this great, 100% cotton Flash Distressed Washed Symbol T-Shirt, we started with a freshly painted, 2 inch radius Flash symbol on a red shirt. We then gave it to Barry Allen, which gave it an old 'spin around the block' and this is what we got! Well, I think we'll be able to sell this...people love the Flash! I bet you love the Flash too and would love this highly distressed t-shirt! It is so...vintage and well loved! Embrace the Speed Force. Embrace the Flash Distressed Washed Symbol T-Shirt. vrrrrrrOOOOOMMMM!

More Details

  • Sku: tsflashdistwshdsym
  • Color: Red
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Distressed, Symbol

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Flash Distressed Washed Symbol T-Shirt

Made from crappy material, fabric doesn't flex to the body at all, I haven worn it more than 10mins because it's so uncomfortable, the color looks nothing like the photo. wish I listened to the other reviews.


Love this shirt!

Grandma of 22
Iowa 51630

Not what I wanted. Only the logo was vintage. I wanted a shirt that I had bought before and was stressed all over. Like another one I bought for my grandson. This one only showed the logo as vintage/stressed. I was disappointed and so was my son, who received it as a gift. He was gracious , though. Sorry, just not what I thought I was ordering.


Great product - I'm happy :)

Damon aka "Shaolin Milk"
New Orleans, LA

I love the look and the distressed logo, but comparing the size of this XL shirt to other XL shirts, this one is really snug. It's athletic fit is waaaaay athletic, which means it's tighter than most XL shirts i have bought from SuperHeroStuff (luckily, I have SOMEWHAT of an athletic build). Great shirt, but fits smaller than most...

Nerd girlfriend
Birmingham al

Sheiks a little bit in the washer, holds up well. Good standard tshirt.