Flash Metamorphisis Men's T-Shirt

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Looking at the fine and EXCLUSIVE 100% cotton Flash Metamorphisis Men's T-Shirt makes you realize one thing; that Barry Allen should have probably kept a tighter lab. He's lucky those jars of random liquids and solutions made him a superhero and didn't burn him horribly! Well, I guess he's actually responsible for his own power but I'm not going to get into grandfather paradoxes right now. I'm sure you've read through Flash: Rebirth which is where this image is from! At least we sort of got rid of the New 52...sort of.

On the bright side of things, people will now know what it takes to become DC Comics' Fastest Man Alive. Will you be able to vibrate through dimensions, run above the speed of light, or alter the very fabric of reality through time travel with this EXCLUSIVE shirt? Probably not but you'll certainly look the part! Well, what are you waiting for? A bolt of lightning that may or may not be you from the future? 

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  • Color:Yellow
  • Sleeve Type:Short sleeve
  • Licensor:DC
  • Style Attributes:Image, Exclusive, Distressed
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