Blue Lantern Flash Hoodie
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Blue Lantern Flash Hoodie

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It gets cold while running at sub-warp speeds! Just ask the Flash...he knows! Why else would you bother to wear a full body suit like that? It certainly isn't for breathe-ability! It is more like a giant wind breaker. That red color of his also helps to absorb the infrared light spectrum, warming him just a few degrees. Of course the Flash got to kick all of that to the curb for 24 hours when he was deputized a Blue Lantern by Saint Walker himself! Hey, they had a lot of zombies to deal with....super charged zombies. Super speed might not have been enough, but the blue light of Hope makes a perfect supplement for the Scarlet Speedster. I'm sure the Flash was jealous of all of those neat things Hal Jordan could do, so now it is the Flash's turn. We know you love the Flash, we know you love the Blackest Night, so why don't you just combine your love of both of those things into some weird human centipede like 90% cotton 10% polyester amalgamation....the Blue Lantern Flash Hoodie! Ok, so it isn't that weird. I just wanted to reference that twisted movie! 

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  • Sku: hoodglbluelantflash
  • Color: Blue
  • Sleeve Type: Long sleeve/Raglan
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Symbol

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Reviews of Blue Lantern Flash Hoodie

Charles R.
Burlington, CT
submitted 1 year ago

Bought it for my son and he says it is so comfortable, like a blanket, and it looks great!

Damaris Hey fan of superhero stuff.com
submitted 1 year ago


Barry Allen, Flash expert
Central City
submitted 1 year ago

Absolutely perfect, it was worth every cent

Wallace Rudolph West, Flash Expert
submitted 1 year ago

It was a perfect fit, the neck was not too tight and not too lose, it feels great and I love it

Winnipeg, MB
submitted 5 years ago

Was a little dissapointed with the size of the item and the neck was a little tight, the hood is really snug But aside from that its a nice sweater Good colours and it gets alot of compliments from true dc fans

submitted 6 years ago

Bought other products like shirts before but this time round, the hoodie was huuuuge! Maybe I have lost some weight or maybe 2XL varies for different product? Nonetheless, I love it!