Nightwing Symbol Kids T-Shirt
Nightwing Symbol Kids T-Shirt - Close Up
Nightwing Symbol Kids T-Shirt
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Nightwing Symbol Kids T-ShirtNightwing Symbol Kids T-Shirt - Close UpNightwing Symbol Kids T-ShirtSize Chart

Nightwing Symbol Kids T-Shirt

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The 100% cotton Nightwing Symbol Kids T-Shirt is for the little fan of Dick Grayson who you may know as Batman's first Robin...you know, the one with the acrobatic family? Yeah, now you know who I'm talking about! Grayson learned his lessons well and later left Gotham to start his own independent superhero career. You really can't complain with Batman as a teacher...or about the slightly worn Nightwing Symbol Kids T-Shirt!

*The print on the toddler t-shirt will be smaller due to the smaller size of the t-shirt*

More Details

  • Sku: tsnwsymkid
  • Color: Black
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Distressed, Symbol

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Reviews of Nightwing Symbol Kids T-Shirt

A family of fans
Wichita, KS
submitted 1 year ago

My 2 year old is a big fan of Nightwing, so when I seen this shirt, I knew he had to have it.

submitted 3 years ago

I bought a 2T for my son's first birthday. I figured he wouldn't be able to wear until at least Dec/Jan but it turns out that it fits him very snuggly right now. Heck, he might not be able to fit it in another month or two! Its a great shirt but I just want to warn everyone that the 2T is smaller than you'd think.