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Shazam New 52 Button

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At least when you invoke a mighty wizard's name, the lightning bolt of power will have somewhere to strike with the 1.25 inch diameter Shazam New 52 Button! Based on the New 52 version of DC Comics' Captain Marvel AKA Shazam, the Shazam New 52 Button probably wants to get into a fight with The Rock. No, not that mystical one...the one who was the Scorpion King!

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  • Sku: pinshazn52
  • Color: Yellow
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Shazam New 52 Button

Jonathan, SHAZAM! fan
San Antonio, TX
submitted 2 years ago

It's a lot smaller than it looks :P though they do give the dimensions. I put it on my backpack. SHAZAM!