Amazing Spiderman #129 Cover Magnet

Amazing Spiderman #129 Cover Magnet
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Amazing Spiderman #129 Cover MagnetSize Guide

Amazing Spiderman #129 Cover Magnet

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You must really hate spiders to hire Frank Castle as an exterminator! The 3.5'' by 2.5'' Amazing Spiderman #129 Cover Magnet displays the famous cover where the Jackal figures it would be a good idea to hire the Punisher to hunt down Marvel's well-loved Webhead. My guess is that the Jackal told Frank that Spidey eats kittens or something like that! Fan of the Punisher? Fan of Spider-Man? Need something for your fridge? Then the Amazing Spiderman #129 Cover Magnet is for you!

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  • Sku: magspd129
  • Color: Yellow
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: Gift Bag

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Amazing Spiderman #129 Cover Magnet
beach 13
chico, california

this was a gift for a comic geek, and he loved it, and wished he had the original comic $$$$$$$

Oklahoma City,OK

These magnets are full color, and not some cheap,thin junk. Comes EXACTLY as shown on the website. I would purchase more in the future! Recommended to everyone!!

Ted F
Rouleau saskatchewan Canada

Beautiful vibrant. Classic cover of issue #129 which is very hard too find. If you don't like this then you are wrong and you must be punished. Nuff said, excelsior.