Star Wars A New Hope Hand Bag

Star Wars A New Hope Shopping Tote

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Measuring 13.5" across and 14" high and about 6" wide (until stuffed with...droid parts), this large, Star Wars shopper tote features one of the classic, original Star Wars: A New Hope poster images, rendered by the incomparable John Berkey!  Oh, and check out the Star Wars logo adorning the sides of the bag!  This Star Wars bag is a reusable, eco-friendly tote made from a percentage of recycled materials!  No droids were harmed in the manufacturing of this product! Not even recycled ones!  You a fan of Star Wars? No, the classic stuff that pre-dated CGI!!!! Yeah?  You like the environment?  You...need a bag?  Well, then.....look no further.

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  • Sku: bagstrwrsposter
  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: Star Wars

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Reviews of Star Wars A New Hope Shopping Tote

Pasadena Ca
submitted 3 years ago

I got tired of accumulating a grip of paper bags from the grocery store...so i figured if i was gonna get some re usable bags might as well represent! thia is a very decent bag! The overall diameter was smaller than i expected but that's okay! i always buy in small amounts anyway,and purchased 3 extras just in case..very sturdy bag,with a decent strap overall! unique beautiful reproduced artwork!

Asheville, NC
submitted 6 years ago

Your saving the environment AND the galaxy at the same time :-) really strong and great looking too!