Star Wars Darth Vader Head Keychain

Star Wars Darth Vader Head Keychain

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"When I grow up I am going to be a famous Jedi Knight!" Oh, Anakin. I don't think slaughtering almost the entirety of the Jedi Academy, ushering in the rebirth of the Sith, and causing your girlfriend to die from heartbreak quite falls into being a famous Jedi Knight. You'll be famous all right...but it is more like INfamous. Anakin definitely was intelligent in putting on a full body suit, getting a voice changer, and changing his name. That's volunteer witness protection of sorts, isn't it? At least he was finally redeemed by his own son, but Vader had to watch the Emperor fry him for a bit just to drive the point home!

When Luke Skywalker helped his father take off his helmet so he could see his own son's face with his own eyes, Luke discarded the helmet. End of story, right? WRONG! The helmet was picked up by Jawas and recast as a scale version to symbolize the end of the Empire. The problem was they couldn't sell it as is, so they had to find a use for it! BAM, now you have a place to put your TIE fighter, X-Wing, and Pod Racer keys....the 1.5 inch tall metal Darth Vader Head Keychain.

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Reviews of Star Wars Darth Vader Head Keychain

submitted 5 years ago

the size of this keychain was perfect, wasn't too small or big. also really cool. friend who i gifted it to loved it

Amarillo Tx.
submitted 6 years ago

love it so much !!!