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Star Wars Stormtrooper Slippers

Images of Star Wars Stormtrooper Slippers
Star Wars Stormtrooper SlippersStar Wars Stormtrooper Slippers- Front ViewStar Wars Stormtrooper Slippers- Top View
Small (7-8)Out of Stock$26.99
Medium (9-10)In Stock$26.99
Large (11-12)In Stock$26.99
XLarge (13-14)In Stock$26.99
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Forged from polyester fibers, the Star Wars Stormtrooper Slippers are a soft pair of slippers made for long nights positioned on Hoth. I heard there is a Rebel Base there, you know? I don't believe it but Imperial Intelligence has been sending out a ton of probe droids. Top quality and snug, the Star Wars Stormtrooper Slippers is what you need! They are, in fact, the slippers you are looking for.

More Details:

  • - Color: White
  • - Licensor: Star Wars
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