Star Wars Wampa Women's Slippers



Star Wars Wampa Women's Slippers



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I think the Wampa in 'The Empire Strikes Back' gets a lot of undue flack. Everybody thought he was going to eat Luke Skywalker, but he was just bringing him in from the cold! He put him upside down too so all the blood would rush to his head and he would be able to think more clearly. I think that whole exchange was cut out from the final movie but you can still channel that kind of kindness with the Star Wars Wampa Women's Slippers! Made from a polyester fiber and polyurethane foam, the Star Wars Wampa Women's Slippers will keep your footers warm!

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  • Star Wars
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Reviews of Star Wars Wampa Women's Slippers

5.0 (Based on 2 reviews)
Kim S
Reading, Pa

With these Wampa Slippers on my feet I feel I should be vacationing on Hoth. Even at well below freezing my tootsies are nice as warm. If you are looking for the coolest reptomammals around look no further! You might just attack a tauntaun or two while your at it!! :)

Submitted 5 years ago
San Diego, CA

Perfectly match other wampa-related gear, and perfect when paired with a hot beverage in your favorite Star Wars coffee mug!

Submitted 4 years ago

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