Star Wars Darth Maul Cardboard Cutout

Star Wars Darth Maul Cardboard Cutout

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Just about anybody will tell you that this Sith Apprentice met his end a bit too quickly, but here's your chance to have him around as long as you please with our Star Wars Darth Maul Cardboard Cutout.

Our cardboard cutout of Darth Maul measures a fearsome 72-inches high by 26-inches wide. He's got his double-edged saber pointed outward to ward off anybody who's going to steal that cozy groove you've created in the couch, or to keep the guests from the "good" beer you keep in the basement fridge!

This Star Wars cardboard cutout can also show your appreciation of actor Ray Park - who, in addition to Darth Maul, has also been Snake Eyes (GI Joe), Toad (X-Men), and...heck, he was even Baraka!

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Reviews of Star Wars Darth Maul Cardboard Cutout

Chillicothe, OH
submitted 5 years ago

The stand-up was really great and easy to set up and all, and arrived quickly. The person I gave it to absolutely LOVED it. It was damaged in shipping, however -- a spot the size of a quarter was gouged out along one edge (but once colored in with a black marker it was pretty passable). Considering the shipping/handling costs so very much, more care needs to be taken, but I understand that's outside the shop's control -- UPS was the issue there.