Star Wars Head Count 30 Single T-Shirt
Star Wars Head Count 30 Single T-Shirt- Close Up
Star Wars Head Count 30 Single T-ShirtStar Wars Head Count 30 Single T-Shirt- Close Up

Star Wars Head Count 30 Single T-Shirt

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Made from 100% Cotton, this soft, red t-shirt features the illustrated heads of some of your favorite Star Wars characters!  There's a Storm Trooper!  Not sure which one, specifically... I mean, I heard someone call him Steve, but.....Anyway, there's Luke in his X-Wing Pilot Gear!  There's Boba Fett!  There's Darth Vader!  Getting...harder to (cough)..breathe....There's Yoda!  There's that little laughing Muppet, Salacious Crumb!  There's princess Leia! She sure is sassy!  There's R2-D2! There's C3-PO! They're not speaking right now! There's The Emperor himself!  There's Chewbacca!  There's a Tusken Raider (also commonly referred to as a "sandperson")!  There's a Gamorrean Guard!  There's Han Solo! What a devil!  And there's Jabba the freakin' Hut!  He plays fair! 

This Star Wars tee is a 30 Single t-shirt made with a higher thread count, making this a softer-than-average t-shirt!

More Details

  • Sku: tsstrwrsheadcnt
  • Color: Red
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: Star Wars
  • Style Attributes: 30Single, Image

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Reviews of Star Wars Head Count 30 Single T-Shirt

Grand Rapids Michigan
submitted 6 years ago

I purchased this shirt for a young lady with Down Syndrome who at 24 years old graduated her program. Her mental level is 11 years old. When she told me she was graduating, she told me that she wanted me to give her a Star Wars T-shirt. The selection was limited in my opinion. She usually wears black which her mother hates. I was limited on color selections and finding something that was age appropriate. She loved the shirt. Her mother has a difficult time getting it off her to wash!