Star Wars Vader Imperial Metal Water Bottle

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You know, TIE Fighter pilots have some rather vigorous working conditions. The cold embrace of space, a paper thin hull, and no on board life support systems! Why else do you think they wear that crazy helmet? The Empire expects you to bring your own machine to breathe! Air doesn't come cheap, let me tell you that. They also expect you to bring your own beverages to work. They are still paying off that first Death Star and can't afford to be giving everybody drinks.

Hey, how about this 25oz Star Wars Vader Imperial Metal Water Bottle? It's great for carrying water, or some bizarre alien concoction from a local pub. It even possesses an image of our fearless Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader, and a faded symbol of the Empire! Ah...I love nice orderly governments. Those dang rebels are a bunch of bare foot hippies! Standing around 9 inches tall, this Star Wars Vader Imperial Metal Water Bottle won't be brought down by a bunch of fuzzy teddy bear humanoids.

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