Authentic Infinity Gauntlet Cleaning Gloves

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Made from 100% skin-agitating latex, our Infinity Gauntlet Replica is perfect for those especially messy kitchen tasks including dishwashing, stove cleaning, and reaching into the garbage disposal to remove your Marvel Select M.O.D.O.K action figure before you hit the “CHOP FOOD TO DEATH” switch above the sink.

Colored in a bright and bold yellow, this one-size-fits-most-arms-and-maybe-a-few-very-skinny-legs Infinity Gauntlet Replica Glove is perfect for fans of demanding domestic chores, and the appropriately sized arm-wear capable of holding, and perhaps wielding, our COMPLETELY FAKE INFINITY STONES (sold separately, and yes, still very fake).

Purchasing the stones and affixing them to the conveniently affixable indentations residing on your Infinity Gauntlet Replica gives one the (pretend) means to complete all toilet bowl and tile scrubbing with marginally applied applications of thought.

  • Wielding the (completely pretend) Reality Gem will grant you the ability to create an army of actual M.O.D.O.K-persons to do the cleaning for you (no, it won’t).
  • With the Time Gem, you can (NO, YOU CAN’T!) go back in time BEFORE you spilled baked beans on top of the blood stain, on top of the dog urine, and on top of the barbeque sauce that spilled on your formerly pristine, formerly white carpet.
  • With the Space Gem, you can…do nothing, really. Sure, it looks cool, but the only realty bending here is conceived by your fantasy-fueled brain-beef.
  • Soul Gem- Ditto
  • Power Gem- Ditto
  • Mind Gem- Ditto



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