Thanos Armor 59Fifty Fitted Hat
Thanos Armor 59Fifty Fitted Hat-Front View
Thanos Armor 59Fifty Fitted Hat-Side View
Thanos Armor 59Fifty Fitted Hat-Bottom View
Thanos Armor 59Fifty Fitted Hat-Back View
Thanos Armor 59Fifty Fitted Hat
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Thanos Armor 59Fifty Fitted HatThanos Armor 59Fifty Fitted Hat-Front ViewThanos Armor 59Fifty Fitted Hat-Side ViewThanos Armor 59Fifty Fitted Hat-Bottom ViewThanos Armor 59Fifty Fitted Hat-Back ViewThanos Armor 59Fifty Fitted HatSize Chart

Thanos Armor 59Fifty Fitted Hat

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It's hard to be one of the most fearsome villains of the Marvel Universe. It is even harder to earn Death's romantic attention! Why not make it easier on yourself with the faux-leather Thanos Armor 59Fifty Fitted Hat? This fitted and flatbill hat mimics the look of the famous Mad Titan.

Created by New Era, this Thanos hat yearns to unite the Infinity Gems in a mad bid to recreate the universe in its image. I think that means if he succeeds, we'll all be turned into exceptional head-gear!

More Details

  • Sku: capthanosarm5950
  • Color: Purple
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: Image, Costume
  • Hat Attributes: New Era 5950, Flatbill, Fitted, Character Image

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Reviews of Thanos Armor 59Fifty Fitted Hat

S. U.
submitted 1 year ago

Great stitching. Great detail. Fits perfect just how I wanted it to. Couldn’t ask for a better hat.

New York, NY
submitted 1 year ago

Dope hat.

submitted 1 year ago

i am very Happy. Top Shop :-) will Shop again

Menard, superherostuff regular!
Pampanga, Philippines
submitted 1 year ago

love the combination of materials! great to the touch

D. Sidabutar
Christchurch - NZ
submitted 1 year ago

A very very nice product to see and touch. A great addition to any collection.

Oshawa Canada
submitted 1 year ago

The texture is out of this world

submitted 1 year ago

Awesome product, VERY fast shipping

Santa and his little helpers
Vic Australia
submitted 1 year ago

Yes great. Need more villan hats like this!

submitted 1 year ago

The hat is made with great detail.

Big Rob
Charleston, SC
submitted 1 year ago

Hat is size 8 but is too tight, that happens sometimes. SHS, yall could order some 8 1/4 also.

Kristen, unapologetic nerd
Houston, TX
submitted 2 years ago

Gift for the BF. I found it on ebay for a ridiculous price & tracked it here! The detail is amazing!

Over 1, Cys crew
submitted 2 years ago

This hat is too sick! Real awesome. But I suggest ordering your size. Thought they ran small because my Ultron hat was a bit thight. But over all this hat is worth having.

Michael Puckett
Owensboro, Kentucky
submitted 2 years ago

Thanos hat rocks!

Upstate NY
submitted 2 years ago

Contains all 6 Infinity Gems. Thanos' veins pop out of the brim. Maybe the eyes should have been able to Glow in Dark, would have been a Cool Feature. Overall, cool Cap.

Washington, DC
submitted 2 years ago

Love this hat! One of my faves.

Sarah, DauntingPenny
Austin, Tx
submitted 2 years ago

This hat was amazing!! The outside looks fabulous and I was blown away by the inside design too. It is to bad I can't give it more stars. I am returning it because it didn't fit, but that was totally my bad.

James Wagoner
Sanita Clarita
submitted 2 years ago

love it

San Antonio, TX
submitted 2 years ago

Freakin' Sweet! Pics don't ditch justice just like someone said earlier. Hope u guys do more characters Adam Warlock!

Scottsdale, AZ
submitted 2 years ago

Support team Thanos with pride! This 59fifty is highly detailed. Great to wear, collect, or both! I especially like the Infinity Gems on the inside.

submitted 2 years ago

This hat is unbelievably good. The pictures don't show how awesome it is, one of my favorite big face caps and I have hundreds

New York
submitted 2 years ago