Thor Best Dad In Nine Realms Men's T-Shirt



Thor Best Dad In Nine Realms Men's T-Shirt


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Sometimes, your dad calls himself "The Allfather."

And this makes complete sense, considering he's the lord of Asgard AND eight other relatively close-by dimensions, including Niflheim, Muspelheim, Midgard (Earth!), Jotunheim, Svartalfheim, Vanaheim, Nidavellir, and Alfheim.

Beyond the obvious accomplishments, he also sired Thor, god of thunder -- projector of intense, inclement weather and wielder of the Odin Force-infused Mjolnir!

So, your dad is certainly something, and we celebrate his godly glory with our Thor Best Dad In Nine Realms Men's T-Shirt.

Made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester, this Thor t-shirt for men features a classic, purposely distressed Thor wielding his Odin-bequeathed hammer.

Below the exceptionally muscular thunder god, the following bold words in equally scratchy text:


Because your dad gave you a hammer that cracks the sky in twain. Tommy's dad? He gave Tommy a dryer sheet and a popsicle stick. Don't ask.

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Reviews of Thor Best Dad In Nine Realms Men's T-Shirt

5.0 (Based on 1 reviews)
Erik Nieuwenhuis
Sioux City, IA

Absolutely LOVE it!! Comfortable, correct size and Dad LOVES it!!

Submitted 2 years ago

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