Wolverine Sublimated Costume Fitness T-Shirt
Wolverine Sublimated Costume Fitness T-Shirt-Back View
Wolverine Sublimated Costume Fitness T-Shirt-Close Up
Wolverine Sublimated Costume Fitness T-Shirt
Size Chart
Wolverine Sublimated Costume Fitness T-ShirtWolverine Sublimated Costume Fitness T-Shirt-Back ViewWolverine Sublimated Costume Fitness T-Shirt-Close UpWolverine Sublimated Costume Fitness T-ShirtSize Chart

Wolverine Sublimated Costume Fitness T-Shirt

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The 92% polyester 8% spandex Wolverine Sublimated Costume Fitness T-Shirt should hopefully act like that Adamantium Bullet and erase any existence of the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine from your mind! I guess Wolverine is lucky that he doesn't remember his own movie or the fact that he probably owes Three Mile Island a fair amount of compensation for all of that damage. Soft to the touch, stretchy, and printed all over and right up to the edge, the Wolverine Sublimated Costume Fitness T-Shirt will cause you to don the very likeness of your favorite mutant honey badger. Hey, Wolverine don't care!

More Details

  • Sku: tswlvsubcst
  • Color: Yellow
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: Fitness, Front/back print, Sublimation/all-over print, Costume

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Reviews of Wolverine Sublimated Costume Fitness T-Shirt

CHicago, IL
submitted 1 year ago

Good Quality, great fit

New York, NY
submitted 1 year ago

It's great. I wish you guys had more different variations of fitness shirts of the other X-men.

Virdell jordan jr
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
submitted 1 year ago

Look good

Nerd Groom to Be
Omaha, NE
submitted 1 year ago

Size was perfect, fun wrap around, great color and feel to the shirt

submitted 1 year ago

Superherostuff.com has the best material for all of their products I love them and I'll never go any

submitted 1 year ago

I got this shirt for my husband and he LOVES it 😊

Riverside, CA
submitted 2 years ago

The best x men shirt I ever own!

Sydney, Australia
submitted 3 years ago

i am more or less happy with this item - it is a nice, cool material (cool as in temperature!), vibrant colours & is pretty much exactly what the picture looks like. My only complaints: 1. The stitching around the shoulders is a little slip-shod, with the sleeve sort of ruching at the armscye (which, of course, it is not supposed to do). 2. The print on the front and the back does not line up; so while it is almost matching on the 3 claw-shaped bands around the flanks, down the seam where the front and back of the shirt are sewn together, it is not even close to matching over the shoulders, the two orange 'pointy bits' being out of alignment by over an inch on each side. Other than these two points, though, i would say i am pretty happy with it!

Kitchener, On, Canada
submitted 4 years ago

The shirt looked as good as I'd hoped it would. (the abs I've always wanted)!! It was also as comfortable as I needed it to be on the day of the event!!

Nigel, Vigilante
Toronto, ON
submitted 4 years ago

This shirt is super awesome! Sadly... I ordered it at a Medium (thinking it would have a second-skin fit) but I'm normally between a small-medium and this thing was huge. My Dad's a large and he took it because it fit him great and makes it look like he has abs... The sublimations will never line up front and back but these guys do a great job of trying to make people happy and the shirt looks awesome either way so you have to get over that. Once you do though, order a size down if you're in-between like me and rock this shirt hard. People will want to touch you when you wear this to see if the abs are real, so do a few crunches?

thunder bay, on
submitted 4 years ago

I bought this for my husband along with others. When it arrived, the seams from front to back didn't match up. I contacted Superherostuff.com and they sent another one asap. Unfortunately, those seams didn't match up either but we just kept it as is. Still a cool shirt.

Toronto, ON
submitted 4 years ago

Love this shirts is amazing wear it and get lots of compliments!

Craig McLarty
Phoenix, Arizona
submitted 4 years ago

I really like this shirt and all of the ones I've purchased here. I will be getting more.

Yorkshire, United Kingdom
submitted 4 years ago

Well made, bright, colorful, fits brilliantly ... basically it's perfect. Shipping time was pretty good to the UK, and you can't knock the price ... The Under Armour version of this shirt is banging up near double the cost of this item, and all because it's got a brand stamp on it. Save your cash and go Superhero Stuff instead!!

submitted 4 years ago

Comfortable way to fight injustice!

Mililani, Hawaii
submitted 5 years ago

I feel like I'm indestructible when I have this on, You gotta problem with that bub!?