Wonder Woman Bracelet
Wonder Woman Bracelet - Front View
Wonder Woman Bracelet - Side View
Wonder Woman Bracelet - Reverse View
Wonder Woman BraceletWonder Woman Bracelet - Front ViewWonder Woman Bracelet - Side ViewWonder Woman Bracelet - Reverse View

Wonder Woman Bracelet

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You know what I bet you think of almost everyday? "How sweet would it be to dodge bullets, just like my hero, Wonder Woman!" I'm sure you have the theme song down, I'm sure your co-workers and family are getting sick of you yelling out 'WONDER WOMMMAAAAAN', and I'm not entirely sure if you'll ever be able to dodge and block bullets; however you can look the part at least with this fantastic 2.25 inch diameter Wonder Woman Bracelet! Features the ever-present Wonder Woman symbol and proto-typical stars! Now, if we could just find a magic truth telling lasso and invisible plane then you would be set.

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  • Sku: braceletww
  • Color: Silver
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Wonder Woman Bracelet

Lunch Lady Hero
Milwaukee, WI
submitted 1 year ago

Was surprised at the great quality. Has some weight to it, and the paint was done well. Fast delivery.

Brooklyn, New York
submitted 3 years ago

Great bracelet it was a hit. Can't wait to shop again.

Kansas City, KS
submitted 4 years ago

The bracelet was much heavier than my wife expected, but that was good because it doesn't feel cheaply made at all. The colors are very bright and vivid, and it is an accurate representation of the cuffs worn by Wonder Woman herself. Now my wife feels like a superhero!