Wonder Woman Symbol Gold Dangle Earrings

Wonder Woman Symbol Gold Dangle Earrings

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Show off your affection for DC Comics' Warrior Princess and jewelry with the groovy Wonder Woman Symbol Gold Dangle Earrings. I guess Aphrodite will probably be jealous but that's okay...she's an old fuddy duddy anyways! I never get a chance to use that term as much as I would like. You know you want the 1 inch wide Wonder Woman Symbol Gold Dangle Earrings!

316 Surgical Stainless Steel is the preferred steel where bio-compatibility is required (such as body implants and piercings). The "L" means that the carbon content of the alloy is below 0.03%, which reduces the sensitization effect. 316 steel has .08 Max carbon content while 316L has a .03 Max carbon content. Stainless steel does not contain, corrode, or rust as easily as ordinary steel. Though it will not oxidize or turn black, it is still not "stain-proof."

We cannot accept exchanges and refunds on body piercings. That stuff was in your body! Ewww!

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  • Sku: earwwgolddang
  • Color: Gold
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Wonder Woman Symbol Gold Dangle Earrings

Natalie, Mighty Wonder Warrior
Buffalo Grove, IL
submitted 11 months ago

They make me feel wonderful. With them on I can kick butt!

Deborah Rose
Cranebook nsw
submitted 1 year ago

They are awesome the person i purchased them for thought they were amazing

Jon Irvin
submitted 1 year ago

Thanks a lot

Sherbrooke Québec
submitted 1 year ago

Got it in time. Just as described.