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HeroBox Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Edition for Men

HeroBox Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Edition For Men

HeroBox Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Edition for Men

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This box includes products sized for Men. Looking for a Women's Version?

Celebrate the heroic exploits of everyone's favorite Amazon princess with our newest mystery box for men. This crate of cool is filled to the brim with merchandise featuring Princess Diana of Themyscira. What's inside? That's a mystery that needs investigating, don't you think?

The box is limited to 100 and priced to provide great value to the most discerning Wonder Woman fans. The value of its contents taken individually well exceeds the box price. This Men's Wonder Woman box is valued at $70 for the low price of just $49!

Every Box Includes...

Climb aboard the Invisible Jet and prepare yourself for an adventure. Where are we going, you ask? On a tour of the types of things you'll find within our newest box:

  • A comfortable men's t-shirt featuring Wonder Woman
  • Amazonian Apparel like socks, bandanas, underwear
  • Diana's Accessories like buttons, keychains, magnets, wallets
  • Hera's Homegoods like drinkware, beer coozies, mugs, bottle openers
  • An Invisible Jet!? Are we joking? Only one way to find out!

Why Do We Love Wonder Woman?

A formerly murdered soul coaxed into a hunk of baby-shaped clay sculpted by Hippolyta (Queen of the Amazons), and imbued with incomparable abilities bestowed by six temperamental Greek deities, Wonder Woman will put you in a headlock capable of restraining tornados while effortlessly granting you healing, cathartic inner truths.

She saw the shape and expanse of man's evil as it stretched its gunpowder-charred nose across her untouched paradise, but knew there was good worth saving regardless of man's broad ego, devious, predatory animalism and unseemly whiskers.

She sacrificed her family, her sisters, so she could establish and spread peace into the smoke stack-littered canyons of man's industrial follies. And spread it she did, with a tenacious application of 30% love/understanding, and 70% tank-kicking/army-punching. Yeah, we can pretty much thank her for the quick, decisive (but catastrophically bloody) end to WWI.

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HeroBox Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Edition For Men
John Wolfe
Jamestown, NC
submitted 9 months ago

Everything in the box was great. I love SuperHeroStuff! It is the best there is in hero gear.

los angeles
submitted 9 months ago

mostly stuff w/ the old DC style guide art. not the cool new movie art. feels like I was mislead. response:

Thanks for the feedback Scott, we appreciate it and will take that into consideration when building other boxes.