Wonder Woman Movie Tiara
Wonder Woman Movie Tiara-Front View
Wonder Woman Movie TiaraWonder Woman Movie Tiara-Front View

Wonder Woman Movie Tiara

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Measuring 15" from tip to tip (following the curve, of course), this movie-accurate Wonder Woman Tiara is a metallic, one-size-fits-most headpiece colored in a muted, bronze tone.

The centerpiece here is the lilting triangle embedded with a raised 8-point star. The significance? Hmm. Something resembling hope, light, and the 8 methods to effectively cripple male interlopers.

You're wondering if this particular Wonder Woman tiara will sit securely on your raven-black hair while deflecting innumerable rounds of German mortar fire. Well, cast aside your worries; this timeless tiara features two combs that adhere to said raven-black hair-bits.

Want to play Wonder Woman while looking like Wonder Woman? I have a certain, functional head-prop for you to consider.

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  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Wonder Woman Movie Tiara

Newcastle, Australia
submitted 11 months ago

I was expecting a cheap plastic tiara but this blew me away. Metal & high level of detail wow.

submitted 11 months ago

Heavy metal. I was pleasantly surprised at the great quality!

Seattle, WA
submitted 11 months ago

It's very well made, somewhat able to be bent on sides to fit better