Wonder Woman #5 Cover Magnet
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Wonder Woman #5 Cover Magnet

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What's better than the sparkling, smirking Amazon Princess shown on our Wonder Woman #5 Cover Magnet? The only thing that could come close is the beatdown that Wonder Woman gives a domestic abuser in the issue itself! Titled "Gimme Shelter", the story showed examples of women in a shelter who are inspired by Diana, and gives the reader a chance to see why when Wonder Woman tosses the aforementioned assailant through his own front door. Don't worry you won't incur any such wrath for staring too long at her image on this 3.5 inch high by 2.5 inch wide Wonder Woman #5 Cover Magnet.

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  • Sku: magww5cvr
  • Color: Blue
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Gift Bag

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Reviews of Wonder Woman #5 Cover Magnet

Austin, TX
submitted 3 years ago

Love my WW magnet. I love collecting WW things. this is a great addition.