Wonder Woman Mens Lasso Silhouette T-Shirt

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Ruby Merchant

This tee is one of a kind,it seems that the WW´s lasso of the truth glows in the dark,does not it?" At face value it looks it does"one person replied me once but to be honest I had not much thought about that till the very first "unexpected acquaintance with the truth"and between you and I….the truth to be told…..isn´t she look that hot?The tee is really "getting me",I´ll have a sniff of air,please!! That I figured out as soon as I set my eyes on her,to those whose eyes are lazy enough not to have acknowledged it yet…..I had the hots for the "all sweaty and melty" tee and there in lied the fun;It had never occurred to me that I would find Wonder Woman so sultrily depicted one day and the next minute on posing for the news as her job perfectly executed her own way too. We are talking about WW,right?And it´s no matter of laughing when it comes to knocking the opponent down and much even less if the poster girl wraps herself up with the lasso of the truth and wins audience´s love with her mere being!!That is a scene our eyes must meet,believe me. A VERY MUST-HAVE TEE.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.