Wonder Woman Duotone Tin Sign

Wonder Woman Duotone Tin Sign

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Wonder Woman!! I'm not sure if you guys can tell, but I totally was saying that like the Linda Carter Wonder Woman TV show. You know...when she blocks stuff with those sweet bracers! Say it with me now, WONDER WOMAAAAAN! Sorry about that. It is late in the day. I mean, aren't you immediately possessed to say it while looking at this 16 inch wide by 12.5 inch high Wonder Woman Duotone Tin Sign? It just kind of...creeps up on you! Wonder Woman can go hit for hit against Superman, and can match wits with Batman. That means she's one of the most bad a$$ characters ever! You know you want to get this Wonder Woman Duotone Tin Sign. WONDER WOMAN!

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  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Wonder Woman Duotone Tin Sign

red wolf
denver, colorado
submitted 4 years ago

the more wonder woman the better. beautiful two tone homage to one of the best female superheroes ever created. nicely drawn with logo, name, and awesome picture. need more female tins like supergirl, batgirl, black canary, zatanna etc.