X-Men Two-Tone Athletic Socks
X-Men Two-Tone Athletic Socks-Front View
X-Men Two-Tone Athletic Socks-Flat View
X-Men Two-Tone Athletic SocksX-Men Two-Tone Athletic Socks-Front ViewX-Men Two-Tone Athletic Socks-Flat View

X-Men Two-Tone Athletic Socks

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How do you fight against giant Sentinel robots that are programmed to look for boring socks? You get the X-Men Two-Tone Athletic Socks! They'll never see you coming...plus having Sentinels look for socks seems like a kind of waste of resources but the enemies of the X-Men aren't usually smart! 

Made from 97% polyester and 3% spandex, the X-Men Two-Tone Athletic Socks are a fine black, grey, red, and yellow pair of socks that officially sponsored by Professor X's Institute for Gifted Youngsters! Say, I wonder what their sports teams look like? 

Fits shoe sizes 6-12! 

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  • Sku: sockxmentone
  • Color: Grey
  • Licensor: Marvel
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san antonio tx
submitted 10 months ago

gift for husband

houston tx
submitted 1 year ago


Auckland, New Zealand
submitted 1 year ago

Fantastic socks- Great quality and really awesome designs