Nightwing Pop Vinyl Figure

Nightwing Pop Vinyl Figure

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Does your desk or coffee table rest beneath the shadow the Bat? Do they need a motivational speech from Superman to break off and become their own superhero like End-table Man or Coffee Table Girl? Might I suggest the 4 inch tall Nightwing Pop Vinyl Figure? He kind of understands how things are with Batman and will surely motivate your furniture. Would be my guess anyways! Adorable and carrying his fancy fighting sticks, the Nightwing Pop Vinyl Figure may even be able to teach you some of those flippy-flips or crazy somersaults.

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  • Sku: figntwngpop
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Nightwing Pop Vinyl Figure

New York
submitted 1 year ago

Love the look and great details.

Queensland, Australia
submitted 4 years ago

So cute, and a great addition to my bobble head collection!

Comic shops
Grand Rapids, Mi
submitted 4 years ago

Great product, exactly what i was looking for and a dream come true!