Nightwing Symbol Women's T-Shirt
Nightwing Symbol Women's T-Shirt- Slim
Nightwing Symbol Women's T-Shirt- Classic
Nightwing Symbol Women's T-Shirt- Slim Close Up
Nightwing Symbol Women's T-Shirt- Classic Close Up
Nightwing Symbol Womens T-Shirt - Superhero Sighting
 Nightwing Symbol Womens T-Shirt - Superhero Sighting
Size Chart
Size Chart
Nightwing Symbol Women's T-ShirtNightwing Symbol Women's T-Shirt- SlimNightwing Symbol Women's T-Shirt- ClassicNightwing Symbol Women's T-Shirt- Slim Close UpNightwing Symbol Women's T-Shirt- Classic Close UpNightwing Symbol Womens T-Shirt - Superhero Sighting Nightwing Symbol Womens T-Shirt - Superhero Sighting Size ChartSize Chart

Nightwing Symbol Women's T-Shirt

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The 100% cotton Nightwing Symbol Women's T-Shirt  is a fine shirt for the ladies who have a special place in their heart for Batman's first Robin, Dick Grayson! Of course when Grayson became older, he split off from his former teacher and started his own patrol in the city of Bludhaven as the costumed crime fighter of Nightwing! Which is trademark nightsticks, Nightwing doles out justice while flipping about in a manner of an acrobat. Pretty fancy eh? The Nightwing Symbol Women's T-Shirt is a black t-shirt and shows off the classic blue Nightwing symbol.

Fitted vs. Standard:

  • Fitted sizes are cut more narrowly through the bust and are more form-fitting.
  • Standard sizes are cut wider through the bust than are Fitted sizes and have a looser, straighter fit.

More Details

  • Sku: tsnwingsymwmns
  • Color: Black
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Symbol

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Reviews of Nightwing Symbol Women's T-Shirt

Lansing, MI
submitted 1 year ago

Favorite shirt! Soft, comfortable, fits great. Would buy again!

submitted 1 year ago


submitted 1 year ago

Brought this for a Christmas present and I’m sure they will love it because it looks awesome!

Evie, Marvel and DC fan
St. Paul, MN
submitted 1 year ago

The shirt came fast, looks great and fits perfectly! 5+ stars!

Northern Virginia
submitted 1 year ago

Got it for my daughter, she loves it.

Nightwing's Admirer
submitted 1 year ago

Absolutely fantastic. Comfortable, nice logo, soft. Would buy again.

San Jose,CA
submitted 1 year ago

I bought this shirt for my sister's birthday and she loves it.

Demetrius Powell I
Jacksonville FL
submitted 2 years ago

My lady totally loves her Nightwing shirt.

One n only Ernie
San Diego
submitted 2 years ago

Wife loves this shirt. She wears a lot.

submitted 2 years ago

Great shirt. It's true to size. Fits perfectly and is made very well. I will definitely continue to purchase shirts from this place. <3

Bess M
Sydney, Australia
submitted 4 years ago

This shirt has a great fit, and the material is soft with a nice level of stretch. The design is durable and is exactly the same shape and colour, even after a few washes. The sleeves are a bit short, but I think it compliments the design with it's triangular shape. A great shirt that I really enjoy wearing, and I get compliments from people who know of Nightwing.

Supheroes Rox
New York
submitted 4 years ago

I bought this shirt for my sister's b-day and she loves it! She wears it ALL the time and it fits really well. Just an awesome shirt would definitely recommend it to anyone! :)

Powder Springs, GA
submitted 4 years ago

SO EXCITED TO GET THIS! It's a little bit smaller than I anticipated, it's going to be for a costume so tight is okay. The shirt is NOT this long though, and I was looking forward to that. It ends about waist level, not below the hips as the photo implies.

Seattle, WA
submitted 5 years ago

Not as fitted as some of the other 'fitted' shirts, but not loose either...perhaps it depends on what size you got? I'm 5'4 and about 127 lbs, and I got the slim medium size - it was a bit less fitted in the hip region than some of the other shirts from this site, but still fit well. I don't think the logo is going to hold up long to repeated washings, however...I just washed it once and it's already cracking. Still looks cool though

submitted 5 years ago

Came in time for Christmas

Powder Springs, GA
submitted 5 years ago

I bought this shirt for my daughter for her Birthday and she wears it once a week, she loves it!

The State of New York
submitted 5 years ago

we just got married. i ordered this like, a day before. fortunately she has a Nightwing fetish. Got lucky and married a comic shop girl. it's pretty amazing on her and she loves it. good job guys.

Sydney, Australia
submitted 5 years ago

It look quite fitted in the image, the t-shirt I received definitely was not fitted. Luckily I could fix that myself, other than that it is a good shirt, great stretch and very comfortable. Also, its understated and I like that.

Superherostuff.com response:

We sell this shirt in two different cuts, juniors which is also sometimes called baby doll, is fitted. The other cut is women's which has a shape to it but is not as fitted as the juniors shirt. We explain the difference above and have pictures of both. If you would prefer a juniors cut, please contact us and we can help you with an exchange.

Houston, Tx
submitted 5 years ago

Great shirt, got here fast and it looks great! Absolutely LOVE it!

submitted 6 years ago

I love it! It's so hard to find a Grayson shirt.

Mel Sirneo
Tasmania, Australia
submitted 6 years ago

Great feel, awesome fit, top standard for my favourite superhero ;)

Amenia Crocl
submitted 6 years ago

great product

submitted 6 years ago

Finally a Nightwing shirt for women! The fit is wonderful for those of us that are too busty and curvy for Juniors sizes! The length is appropriate and it is a comfy shirt that does not cling to you like the Juniors sizes tend to do. Definitely recommend this shirt!

Letícia M
submitted 6 years ago

I just love it! It's perfect

Dr. B, awesome friend
SF Bay Area, CA
submitted 6 years ago

I got this shirt for one of my female friends who loves stuff from Superhero stuff as much as I do, and I swear her face when she saw it was like I had just completely overshadowed the other two people who had given her gifts that night. Overall lesson is that Nightwing is greater than all.

submitted 6 years ago

I'm not even a huge Nightwing fan and I absolutely love this shirt. I got it because I really like the way the junior women's shirts fit (XL Junior = a long Women's Medium) so I wanted to get some more prints in this style. The symbol is placed well and it's subtle enough that even if you have no clue who Nightwing is, it just makes a nice shirt design. So it's kind of a cool but subtle statement of Bat-fandom.

Lafayette, LA
submitted 6 years ago

Other then it taking awhile to get here, the shirt is awesome =D