Nightwing Athletic Crew Socks
Nightwing Athletic Crew Socks-Flat View
Nightwing Athletic Crew SocksNightwing Athletic Crew Socks-Flat View

Nightwing Athletic Crew Socks

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Made from an assertive combination of 70% polyester, 20% nylon, 10% spandex and 1000% dependable sidekick who successfully struck out on his own, these extremely stylish Nightwing Athletic Crew socks are must-haves for fervent fans of the fan-favorite Nightwing! 

Besides the obvious but necessary Nightwing symbol, these Nightwing socks also feature 2 thick, gray stripes residing above and below said symbol, accented and bordered by thin strips of blue and white.

The symbol's thematic blue colors the sock's cuff, the heel, and rounded toe-zone ("toe-zone" is completely made up, but completely accurate in assigning a specific sock location).

Fits shoe sizes 6-12. An exclusive design available only through Superherostuff, these Nightwing socks are perfect for exuding your almost overbearing love of Nightwing, the best Robin -- EVER -- who not only freed himself from the equally overbearing shadow of Batman, he did so with, like, the niftiest costume EVER!

More Details

  • Sku: socknwath
  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Symbol, Exclusive

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Reviews of Nightwing Athletic Crew Socks

submitted 11 months ago

I got these as a free promo, so I did not choose sizing. It ended up being very large for me.

Saint Louis, MO
submitted 11 months ago

Love them

submitted 1 year ago

I needed something Nightwing, fit well, nicely made.

Oxnard, ca
submitted 1 year ago

Fit perfectly

Bella, S.H.S fan
submitted 1 year ago

Soft Fabric!!! Bought as Valentine's gift for my husband. He loves them!

Lansing, MI
submitted 1 year ago

Amazing! My friend loved mine so much I bought her a pair as a birthday gift.

Ashville, Oh
submitted 1 year ago

Unlike other hero/villain socks these went on without any problems, becoming like a second skin

Raleigh, NC
submitted 1 year ago

What more can I say, these are great!

submitted 1 year ago

I love those so much it's the second time I actually order that design.